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Psychological Testing

What is it?

Psychological tests, also known as psychological assessments, help psychologists gain valuable information about you to clarify certain questions about diagnosis and aid in establishing the best course of action for managing educational or emotional difficulties. The information is gathered by interviewing you and paper and pencil tests are also given. Ultimately, the accuracy of the assessment depends how carefully and seriously you answer the questions you are asked.

Fees associated with testing:

Centro Castillo accepts most insurances; however, not all insurance plans offer the benefit of covering all or part of the cost to give, score, and write up a psychological assessment. Since the type and number of tests required varies depending on why the assessment is given, how long it takes for the psychologist to complete an assessment usually varies from 10 to 15 hours. Centro Castillo charges an hourly fee rather than a flat fee per assessment.

Areas of Assessment:


Cognitive Testing

Assessments that measure a person’s cognition. Cognition is made up of mental activities such as memory, paying attention, and problem solving, that help the person perform his or her daily activities.


Achievement Testing

Assessments that measure a student’s school functioning and help indicate where the child is functioning (above, below, or average) when compared to other students the child’s age. These types of tests are helpful to determine special needs and/or learning disabilities and determine what services will best serve the child.

Psychological/Emotional Testing

Assessments that measure a person’s basic personality style, which is made up of his or her behavior, thoughts, and feelings.

Bariatric Evaluations

It helps identify a person’s motivation and psychological readiness for the necessary behavioral changes to be successful post-surgery. It specifically identifies when surgery is contraindicated by naming mood and behavioral challenges requiring attention and identifies how to address them prior to proceeding with the surgery.

Immigration Psychological Evaluations  
Immigration evaluations for Hardship Waivers, VAWA and U-Visa applications.

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