Centro Castillo para Bienestar Personal y Familiar


If you are new and looking to start therapy, please call our front office and our administrative assistant will get you started.  773-622-6218.


As clinicians, we strongly believe that the troubling reasons a person seeks assistance is only part of who they are. Together we will discover what motivates you and use this insight to increase self-awareness in how you are feeling, thinking and behaving. With this knowledge, the ultimate goal is optimal decision making and feeling better about your life, thus leading to a more fulfilling future.

As an expanding group practice we have over 46 years combined experience working with adolescents and adults as individuals, couples, or a family. Our areas of clinical specialty are: Trauma, sexual assault and abuse, human sexuality, depression, anxiety, couple’s therapy, and family work. Psychological testing, Group therapy and Educational workshops are also available.

Being bilingual and bicultural, we readily incorporate a multicultural perspective with cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory. Sessions can be held in English or Spanish. We are enthusiastic and interactive communicators. Together we bring a certain energy and personal touch to the treatment process, going against the typical therapist stereotype.

The Community Center which is located near North ave and Narragansett is our primary location. Also, have two satellite locations. One the North side of Chicago located near the Lincoln/Belmont intersection and one In the Pilsen neighborhood on 18th St.  All locations are used to meet the needs of the surrounding communities. 

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